Ready to Dance

A sermon preached on January 20th, 2019 based upon John 2:1-11 In the first chapter of the Gospel of John – before the author begins to tell his story – he begins with grand abstract theology taking us back to beginning of time:  “In the beginning was the Word…”  Astonishingly this Word out of which […]


Paying Attention to Your Life

A sermon preached on January 6th, 2019 – Epiphany Sunday – based upon Matthew 2:1-12. Today is Epiphany Sunday, and with it we enter into the season of Epiphany which lasts till Lent.  The season focuses our attention on the revealing of the light of God that once was hidden and it begins with this […]


When You Lose Jesus, Fear Not!

A sermon preached on December 30, 2018 by Bob Keller based upon Luke 2: 41-52 Does anything amaze or astonish you anymore? Maybe the sight of the Grand Canyon.  Or maybe seeing Niagara Falls does it for you.  Or it could be the sight of beautiful mare nurturing her newborn foal.  Of course for new […]


When Family Drops the Ball

A sermon preached on Christmas Eve, 2018 based upon Luke 2:1-20.  Christmas is a time in our minds deeply associated with family.  Ideally it is a time when families come together and give thanks for the love-light they share, but we know that often complex feelings arise with this coming together – some of which […]


The Eulogy for Richard Charles Turner

The Eulogy for Richard Charles Turner August 14, 1956 – December 16, 2018 Rich spent the majority of his youth living in Summit where he experienced a lot of happiness with his mom and dad and his brother David.  His father owned a popular book shop in town where often both Rich and David would work for […]


Where the Lovelight Gleams

A sermon preached on December 2, 2018 — the first Sunday in Advent — based upon 1Thessalonians 3:9-13.   I am asked on occasion how I manage to write our Christmas plays, and the answer I give is that hopefully by July some kind of seed image captures my attention and with this starting point my […]


Finding the Meaning in “Big History”

A sermon preached on November 25th – Christ the King Sunday – based upon John 18:33-38a. This sermon will not be like the vast majority of my sermons.  It may sound like something of an academic lecture, and for that I apologize up front. But sometimes I find it helpful to step back from the […]

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