The Eulogy for Mytra Hietschel

Myra Hietschel was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey in a family that consisted of her parents and her beloved younger brother Ira.  After high school, she got a job working at the American can manufacturing company.  World War II was going on, and after work, in order to do her part to support […]


The Eulogy for Hank Heitschel

Hank Heitschel was a man in love with his wife Myra, who glowed when he talked about her, who cared for her in her disability with a tenderness and patience that touched us all, who, in his partnership with Myra, showed us what it is for a husband and wife to be truly one flesh […]


The Eulogy for Leona Anna Roza

Leona Anna Roza (October 28, 1904 – December 2, 1999) There is sadness here this evening, of course.  A life here on earth has come to an end.  But this is also a time to celebrate the living and the loving that was Lee Roza’s life. Ninety-five years holds a lot of living.   And so […]


The Eulogy for Sal Salierno

In certain ways, Sal Salierno had a very difficult childhood.  When he was a young child, Sal’s mother abandoned Sal, his older sister Mitzi, and their father, Sal Sr.  His father did the best he could raising his two children alone.  There were good times like when Sal’s Dad would take him to South Mountain […]


The Eulogy for Jay Jasan

September 12, 1998 Jay was the only child of his parents.  His mother died when he was only thirteen.  Jay cherished and cared for what little biological family he had been given on earth.  His cousin Monica became like a sister to him, and their love for one another was precious to both of them.  […]


The Eulogy for Paul Narey

The Eulogy for Paul Narey Paul Narey was born on March 7th, 1926 in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania.   He was the first child born to his parents; a sister would be born afterwards who would precede him in death.   The family moved to Penns Grove, New Jersey where Paul attended Grammar School and High School.   After […]

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