Amazing Video from Safari


Here is a link to an amazing 8 minute video taken by people on safari in Kenya:
A half a dozen water buffalo, including one baby, are shown walking along a body of water, and unaware of crouching lions nearby.  Suddenly the lions attack, and the baby is driven into the water by about five lions, who proceed to maul it.  A crocodile comes along and they get into a tug of war over the baby water buffalo, which the lions win.  At this point the water buffalo return, accompanied by their entire herd, and they mean business.  They surround the lions, and begin driving them off one by one.  At one point a water buffalo gores a lion, tossing her up into the air.  After all of this, the baby water buffalo is still alive, and manages to escape the clutches of the lions, returning to the safety of the herd.  But the buffalo continue to drive off the lions.

Rachel from our church is presently in Kenya, and my daughter Kate is leaving in a week to spend the next four months in Tanzania with a program from her college.    There are amazing sights to be seen that can only be seen going half way around the world.

The fierce loyalty of the pack, which humans share.  When will the prophecy of Isaiah come true, when the lion will lie down with the lamb?

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