Animation, by John Bidwell



Flash! The coalescence of the gas
When time was born so things could come to pass,
A blinding light as all that was would grow
Until the forms it took could even know.

From this came life, each moment giving birth
The seeds of which once rained upon the earth
Absorbing sunlight changing what’s within
To energy that made it all begin.

The spin of motion, dizzy if we knew
The forces we are always living through,
Yet man can push this process to the brink
Embracing his ability to think.

What’s more there is potential to rejoice
Discovering the secret power of choice-
To grasp the ring and leave things not to fate
And choose to live before it is too late.

The Spirit shared by those who walk in love
Receives much more than sunlight from above.
Angelic mysteries still do arrive
To teach their students how to be alive.
  John H. Bidwell   


  1. Pastor Jeff
    25 Sep 2006 06:52:39

    My imagination is drawn to that first primal moment, when, the scientists tell us, everything was in place for human life to evolve billions of years later. Your poem leads me into that state of wonder. Thanks.

  2. Bill Hudley
    26 Sep 2006 22:22:29

    The wonder among wonders in my thinking is how the incredible complexity of organisms of all Creation are controlled by a Power more magnificent than episodic phenomena. The idea of the simplest of life forms, such as a clover leaf, evolving from an explosion blows my mind.


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