Author: Pastor Jeff


Surprising Images, Surprising Dreams

Susan wrote yesterday of a brother in kindergarten who got successive “F”s for drawing pictures that did not conform to the requirements, when in fact the teacher simply suffered from a diminished imagination that could not keep up with the young lad’s creativity. Al wrote yesterday about the special time he experiences upon first waking, […]


Creativity and Chaos

Each morning I confront a blank page. I am finding this confrontation to be both frightening and invigorating. Each day, a kind of birth. After doing this now for a couple of weeks, what more could I possibly have to say? This is one of the voices in my head. Another, however reminds me that I […]


Heaven and Hell

Alice died last week at the age of 99. She lived in the nursing home, and over the years I had watched her get frailer and frailer. She was really tired; ready to go. There wasn’t much left to her at the end. The one thing that was still there was her love. There was […]


Evaluating Church

Some follow up thoughts from yesterday’s sermon. In evaluating the spiritual health and vitality of a church, here is something to consider: Is it a place where honesty in personal truth-telling is encouraged or discouraged?  Are people wearing masks, afraid to let their real selves be known?  Is some version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” being […]


Sunday morning prayer

Sunday morning. It is raining outside; still dark. I am still waking up, coffee in hand to assist. I know what I want to talk about this morning; just not quite sure how to say it. Need to focus. Remember to pray. God who created me, God who awoke me this morning and would have […]


Wondering who’s out there

I missed blogging yesterday because I was away on a quick trip with my family to surprise my father in North Carolina on his 85th birthday. It was a visit of great tenderness. Coming back to my blogging, I am aware of myself wondering just who might be out there reading the words I have […]


Jesus Camp

A peculiar convergence of thoughts and events: First the thoughts. This past Sunday my sermon included my thoughts about the Christian life and children, inspired partly by the Gospel lesson and partly by the fact that we had two little ones being baptized.  I noted then that there is no instance in the Gospels where […]


Nearly Drowning

Having been blogging now for over a week, the challenge of finding things to write about begins to emerge. Last week I wrote about some of the rhythms of an ordinary week in my present life. One solution to the problem of finding writing themes is to delve into the past. People who have listened […]


Measuring the Soul

I think the best measurement available to us of the dimensions of the human soul is found in our capacity to hold other persons inside our heart. By holding other persons I mean being able to truly care about them; to feel for them in their struggles and rejoice with them in their joys.  Sharing […]


Remembering Sunday

At the end of a Sunday, there is always a sense of my mind being fried. So much taken in, so much put out. Sunday mornings are adrenalin rushes. A lot gets packed into a couple hours. It is good this morning to take time and remember what took place yesterday, lest it all get […]