Back again


Well I’m back.  Apologies to those who logged onto this site for the past week looking for something new, finding nothing

My absence had to do with a couple of things.

First, I had computer problems.  The old computer that I mentioned a few weeks ago was screeching like a cat finally gave up the ghost.  I had to get a new computer and learn how to operate it, and then I couldn’t find the log in code so I had to get it from Justin. Ah, the aggravations of living in the material world.

Second, writing two eulogies last week seemed to throw me out of my rhythm.  Once you miss doing something/anything a couple of days running, inertia sets in. The habit is broken. When I write something everyday, the expectation that what I write must be truly inspired lessens, which allows the creative juices (and the holy spirit) more room to flow.  When a few days pass, the expectation mounts that I should have something worth saying, and unaware of anything percolating inside me to say, I stay clear of the site where I post my blogs.

So here I am, climbing back on the horse.  Publishing a couple of pieces of writing from church members got me back to the web site — standing beside the horse, to carry on the metaphor.

We’ve passed the “turn the clocks back” Sunday, so the darkness of the season is particularly noticeable in the late afternoon.  The trees are pretty bear. The season invites inwardness.

For those who might be wondering, my son’s state cup game last Saturday was rained out. They play this Saturday afternoon against a team that in some quarters are described as the best team in the Northeast.  If they manage to pull out a win, they would play again on Sunday morning, and if they were to win then, they would play in the finals on Sunday noon.  A lot of ifs.  And a lot of pressure, especially for the goalkeeper.

Loving God, grant us all a lightness of heart that doesn’t stress over these sorts of things, which, in the big picture, aren’t terribly important. Thank you for all your blessings that are so easily taken for granted, none of which has anything at all to do with the outcome of a state cup soccer game.  Amen.

A word of thanks to those of you who are still reading this blog, and to those who mentioned they were actually missing it.


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