An Unexpected Chariot Ride

The sermon preached on May 2nd, 2021 based upon Acts 8:26-40, entitled “An Unexpected Chariot Ride”.  Our scripture lesson tells an incredible story that many of you may never have heard before.  It  comes from the Book of Acts – as in “Acts o the Apostles”, but might better be called “The Acts of the […]


Shepherds, Hired Hands, Wolves and Sheep

A sermon preached on April 25, 2021 based upon John 10:11-18 entitled, “Shepherds, Hired Hands, Wolves and Sheep”. There are four different images that Jesus uses in this brief passage, and it’s worth considering with which of these images we identify?  They are shepherds, hired hands, sheep and wolves. Let’s begin with shepherds and hired […]


Is It True?

The sermon preached on April 4th, 2021 – Easter Sunday – based upon Mark 16:1-8 entitled, “Is it True?” This seems like a deeply unsatisfying ending for Mark’s Gospel. We want to holler, “Come on Mark, finish the story! Tell us some joyous stories like you get in the later Gospels about Jesus appearing to […]


Strengthening Faith; Strengthening the Life Force

A sermon preached on March 7, 2021 based upon Mark 9:14-27 entitled, “Strengthening Faith; Strengthening the Life Force” Our Gospel reading comes from the 9th chapter of Mark.  A lot has happened before we get to this point. I want to highlight a couple of things. Early on, Jesus has called twelve disciples and if […]


The Two Selves

A sermon based preached on February 28th, 2021, based upon Mark 8:31-37 entitled, “The Two Selves.” The passage I am about to read includes some of the most important verses in terms of understanding this spiritual journey we are on as disciples of Jesus, and I think they are commonly misunderstood, so I want to […]