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My Christmas Letter

It’s been a relatively quiet year at the actual home front. The off spring, however are spreading their wings, moving beyond the nest, doing wondrous things, having adventures. Kate spent four months studying wildlife and culture in Tanzania. She’ll never be the same again. Andrew exercises his remarkable creativity studying film and animation at the […]


Winter Solstice

So today is the Winter Solstice — the shortest day of the year; the longest night of the year. Appropriately enough, it is gray today, even further diminishing the light. It is, nonetheless, a day of triumph, because we know the darkness has this day done its worst, and we are still standing. Although we […]


Pastor’s Report

My Annual Church Conference Pastor’s Report After extensive research, I have determined that, on average, only four people read the entire Church Conference Booklet cover to cover, and, illogical though it may seem, only two people read my Pastor’s Report all the way through. In order to encourage more thorough reading of this important literary […]


A couple of Einstein quotes

Whether true or not, Albert Einstein carries the mantle of having been “the smartest person to ever live.” As such, his views on the existence of God have been hotly debated. The man surely said countless things on the subject that could be interpreted a host of ways, but I came across a couple of […]


Doing her job with a bit of humanity

Everyday my blog gets innundated with “comments” that aren’t really comments, but hits from other websites. I recently learned that this is the way that a website gets status on Google is by being referenced to by as many other websites as possible. Daily I go through a process of deleting these hits. I came […]


Liking the Person Who Sees Things Differently

I came across a simple but profound idea in a little book by Donald Miller, entitled “Blue Like Jazz.” Here it is: “If a person senses that you do not like them, that you do not approve of their existence, then your religion and your political ideas will all seem wrong to them. If they […]


Bed Time Stories

I have this file (the old fashioned kind) in which over the years I have kept articles that caught my attention. I got it out last night after I read about the minister who suddenly found his car descending into a sink hole. I recalled reading a terrifying story about a man somewhere who heard […]


Sink Holes and the Voice of God

An interesting headline caught my eye, leading me to read the brief article that followed:   Sinkhole Nearly Swallows Minister’s Car  AP  Posted: 2007-08-15 TYLER, Texas (AP) – Holy sinkhole! A minister says he prayed “Lord don’t take me yet” when his car nosed into a sinkhole on Wednesday. The Reverend Ralph Massey, pulled into a […]


Amazing Video from Safari

Here is a link to an amazing 8 minute video taken by people on safari in Kenya: A half a dozen water buffalo, including one baby, are shown walking along a body of water, and unaware of crouching lions nearby.  Suddenly the lions attack, and the baby is driven into the water by about […]


Humility is a nice place to start

I watched some video from the “Pro-America Rally” that was held in Morristown a couple of weeks back. The rally was organized by people who want stricter enforcement of laws that would keep illegal aliens out of our country. There was a counter protest being held simultaneously across the street. Afterwards there was an unfortunate […]