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Cats and Death

A news item in today’s paper caught my eye. According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, a cat named Oscar that resides in a dementia unit of a nursing facility in Providence, Rhode Island has a sixth sense as to when residents there are about to die. In 25 cases, the […]


Department of Peace

Last week there was a lot of discussion in the news regarding how much the war in Iraq has cost in terms of dollars the US has spent.  (Lives lost and maimed, of course, is a different matter.)  The cost of the war was some gigantic, almost inconceivable amount of money — a trillion dollars […]



I had a conversation recently with a man who is a retired fire fighter.  During his career he had been in charge of a fire station.  He had loved the life.  In certain ways he had been at his best in the times of crisis, when critical decisions had to be made quickly but calmly […]


Doing my duty

Following worship on Sunday Hwa raised a good point as a followup to my sermon on compassion.  What about good acts that are done when you don’t especially “feel” like performing the act, but you do so because you know that it is your duty? It is said that every sermon taken alone commits heresy, […]


Burdens, stuff, and last week’s children’ sermon

Before the week passes, I want to write about my children’s sermon last Sunday. The lectionary included a reading from the sixth chapter of Paul’s letter to the Galatians. My attention was captured by the verse that includes, “bear one another’s burdens.” The image came to mind of big bags of stuff to represent “burdens”, […]


Jehovah Witnesses, Skinheads, and Cat Stevens

Last night I watched three short documentaries on Google.  One was about Jehovah Witnesses witnessing to people in Times Square, another was on skin heads, and the third told the life story of the singer formerly known as Cat Stevens who converted to Islam.   The common thread for me in the three stories was the power of […]


Keeping Up

I am aware that the culture is rushing ahead of me. I looked at a friend’s “I Phone” last night and realized how technologically behind the times I am. I know how to check my emails and surf the web and put posts on this blog. That’s about it. I can only imagine how far […]


July 4 and the Nature of Freedom

Today is the fourth of July.  The traditional theme of this day is freedom, in so far as it was the day our ancestors in this country declared themselves free from the domination of Great Britain. There are two components to freedom.  There is freedom “from” something, and there is freedom “for” something.  The second […]


Presenting the Gospel as Drama

I have long been drawn to the idea of presenting the Gospels in drama.  The Gospel is a story:  the life, death and resurrection of a particular man, Jesus of Nazareth.    When this man taught, he more often than not used stories.  Too often, however, Jesus is presented to the world as an idea, as in “the son […]


Leonard Sweet on Spittin Image, Beauty, and God’s Vomit

Here are some more quotes from Leonard Sweet in his book, “The Gospel of Starbucks”, which our Bishop wants us to read.  What do you think? Most people today don’t fret over whether Christianity can get them to heaven.  They want to know:  “Will it make me a better person?”  Jesus did not call disciples […]