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A subtle shift

The last day of November. A subtle shift has been taking place inside me this Fall. I have taken to heart the words I wrote on the “Try Again” post a while back. I have spent a great deal of my life worrying about having people like me, and it has been exhausting and crippling. […]


Between fundamentalism and atheism

A follow up on this past Sunday’s sermon: Our text came from the end of the 18th chapter of the Gospel of John, where Jesus stands as a prisoner before Pilate. In the background are the religous leaders who have arrested Jesus and seek now for Pilate, the Roman, to condemn Jesus to death. Pilate […]


It’s Black Friday, and I’m feeling okay

It is Black Friday and I am feeling pretty good. The particular significance of this for me is that traditionally this coming month has been my worst season of the year. I know that there are many people who share this sentiment, but I also know there are lots of people who love this time […]


Carlton Pearson, and What I Believe about Who Gets Saved

One new entry into my pantheon of heroes is a preacher I recently heard about named Rev. Carlton Pearson. (You can hear his story told on the radio program, This American Life  ( Carlton was the rising star of the American Pentecostal movement, an African American dear to the heart of Oral Roberts who a […]


Delight in the bones

There is this license that comes with one’s birthday to be a bit more out there in terms of demanding some affirmation and attention. I made it a point yesterday to tell people, “Hey, it’s my birthday; wish me a ‘happy birthday.’” I did my monthly preaching at the nursing home with the old women, […]


Winning us over — Written on my 51st birthday

Today is my birthday. 51 years ago I was born on a blustery day in Jackson, Mississippi. What a long, strange trip it’s been. It’s good to be here. Good to be alive. Very good. Now I can see if anybody is reading this. I expect to read a few “happy birthdays” in the comment […]


Practicing fidelity

We live in a culture that doesn’t put much value in fidelity, whether it be fidelity to marriage partners or to other relationships that make up our communal life. These days there is so much transience. People frequently change the community they live in, the jobs they work at, and generally speaking, the ultimate criteria […]


Pondering light

It is amazing the difference the weather makes.  Yesterday it rained all day.  The people I interacted with in my ventures into the world all seemed down (myself included); no one appeared to have much energy. Today the sun is shining and it is unseasonably warm and the whole mood of the day is different […]


Drumming Circle

We gathered last night in our dimly lit sanctuary in front of the altar.  Seated in a circle with burning candles we played our drums and shakers; sometimes softly, other times loudly.  Without words we communicated with one another, speaking in rhythms, attentive to subtle shifts that led us off in new directions.  At times […]


Try again

My wife experienced a visitation of for lack of a better an “angel” before I met her in a time of defeat and despair. A ball of light appeared in her bedroom at night, and she heard the words, “Try again.”  She took it to be an angel, but she wasn’t sure what the words […]