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Lenten Reflection Day #37

In yesterday’s reflection I took note of five distressing news accounts of violence I came across in the New York Times.  In that same copy, I was touched by another story that caught my attention. City officials have long been attempting to clear the streets of Times Square of homeless persons.    Apparently at present there is […]


Lenten Reflection for Day #36

I picked up the New York Times today, and these are the news stories that jumped out at me, reminding me that the violence and oppression that Jesus confronted in Jerusalem are still very much in the world today:    In Russia, two female suicide bombers killed thirty-eight people riding the subway.  In Mexico, twenty-one persons […]


Lenten Reflection Day #35

Yesterday in worship we once again acted out Palm Sunday with the children. In preparation I got down some of the Christmas pageant costumes from the attic, which inspired me to incorporate more characters than I usually do. I had two of the larger men of the congregation wearing Roman soldier armor and helmets. When […]


Lenten Reflection Day #34

So I’m sitting in my office late Saturday afternoon — the day before Palm Sunday — at a loss for what to write for my Lenten reflection. Scanning Luke’s Gospel, my attention is caught by a parable recorded only by Luke, that Jesus tells just before he enters Jerusalem. I decide I will write about […]


Lenten Reflection Day #33

Yesterday we looked at the high and hard calling Jesus lays out in the Sermon on the Mount for those who would follow him.   Later on in Matthew’s Gospel a private conversation is recorded between Jesus his disciples.  Jesus first asks them what the crowds of people are saying about him.  Once they’ve given him […]


Lenten Reflection Day #31

Suffering is an inescapable part of life. Its forms are varied; there is physical pain, grief, betrayal, loneliness, addiction, injustice, and the anxiety that arises before the mystery of death. What has been the shape of suffering in your life? If we ponder our own experience and that of people we know, we see that […]