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Lenten Reflection Day #20

As the Pharisees grumbled about the fact that Jesus shared meals with “taxcollectors and sinners,” Luke records in chapter 15 three parables that Jesus told, linked together by the common theme of “the lost being found.”   If you’ve hung out in church, in all likelihood you are familiar with the first of these parables:  the story […]


Lenten Reflection Day #19

WWJD?  What would Jesus do? The question isn’t always as simple at we assume.   We live in a society quite different from the one in which Jesus lived.   For instance, most everyone Jesus would have come in contact with would have  been  fellow Jews born and raised in Israel.   On the edge of his […]


Lenten Reflection Day #18

We are just about midway through Lent. Perhaps we started off Lent with some good intentions about steps we wanted to take to be more intentional in our spiritual lives, and maybe at this point we are feeling discouraged because we failed to carry out our good intentions. If this has happened to you as […]


Lenten Reflection Day #17

Last week I was driving down Rt. 46 headed towards the recycling center when the familiar rumble of a flat tire forced me to pull over to the side of the road.   My tire-changing equipment in my trunk looked woefully inadequate to the job, but fortunately, I have AAA, so I called and was told […]


Lenten Reflection Day #16

A couple of days ago I talked about the parallel between the disciplined training of the Olympic athlete and the spiritual disciplines that we are called to engage in to form our inner life.  Jesus would have been shaped by a life time of praying the 150 psalms.   In turning again and again to these […]


Lenten Reflection Day #15

I spent the better part of the day at the hospital with Al and Gail.    The hospital – especially the oncology ward — is a place we all would rather not be, but you certainly meet some truly good souls there.   The woman in her eighties, for instance who came by as a “volunteer patient […]


Lenten Reflection Day #14

Sometimes there is little to do but to remind ourselves and one another of the great affirmations of our faith; old familiar verses of scripture such as the 23rd psalm: The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me besides still waters. He […]


Lenten Reflection Day #13

The things that cause people to be afraid varies from person to person.   Sometimes our fears are irrational:  spiders don’t bother me much, but they cause others to freak out.  A mouse, however, darting along the wall  makes my heart race.  What’s the rhyme or reason to this?    If I know what I have to say, […]


Lenten Reflection Day #12

If you have watched any of the winter Olympics, you can’t help but marvel at the countless hours of training that the athletes have had to put in for years in order to come to a place where they can perform with such remarkable skill and grace.  Beyond the extraordinary conditioning of their muscles is […]