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Lenten Reflection Day #10

One of the distinctive things about AA is the program’s determination not to be distracted from its central purpose.  AA doesn’t own property or maintain a treasury.  It doesn’t have a hierarchy of officers.  It doesn’t debate theology, allowing people to conceive of God in whatever way works for them. It doesn’t take stands on […]


Lenten Reflection Day #9

AA reminds us that we can’t make it alone; we really do need other people.   The society we live in makes it ever so easy to live in isolation.   We can’t be fully human without loving relationships with other people.  Not all relationships are helpful however.  The prodigal son formed relationships when he was squandering […]


Lenten Reflection Day #8

One of the cornerstones of AA is telling the truth.  Members recognize that their failure to tell the truth has gotten them into a lot of trouble.   They lied to themselves and to others, manipulating situations to what seemed to be their advantage, but in the end their lies did great damage to themselves.   By […]


Lenten Reflection Day #7

In our church building an AA group meets every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at noon.  The inspiration that started AA was surely of God, for the 12 steps succinctly express the path of spiritual transformation on which Jesus calls us.  In the next couple of days I want to highlight some of the wisdom from […]


Lenten Reflection Day #6

In a recent study, people were asked to evaluate a picture of the face of a person they did not know.  In their estimation, did the person strike them as likeable, or unlikeable, appealing or not?  A crucial piece of the study was something that happened just before they were shown the picture; the person […]


Lenten Reflection Day #5

The Bible is full of paradox.   On the one hand, we are made from the dust of the ground, the same substance from which every other part of creation is made.   Like every other living thing, we are destined to die.  To grasp this truth is to be humbled.  And yet the Bible also describes […]


Lenten Reflection Day #4

“Dust to dust; ashes to ashes.”  These words are traditionally spoken at the start of Lent, reminding us of our mortality.   The organic material that makes up our bodies ill one day return to dust, to ashes.   We will one day die.   What value can there be of “rubbing our noses” in this fact? Here […]


Lenten Reflection Day #3

The Lenten journey cannot be sustained when our focus is all about avoiding certain activities, or breaking bad habits.  Many people when they think of Lent think, “Oh, that time when you go without something.”   We won’t, however, be able to sustain an approach that begins and ends with the negative.   Remember, the reason we […]


Lenten Reflection Day#2

The Book of Worship states that Lent “is a preparation for celebrating Easter.”  Many people will tell you that Easter is their favorite day; not many will say that Lent is their favorite season.   It has a reputation for being gloomy; rightfully so.  It invites us to consider two rather unpleasant topics:  our mortality and our sin.   […]


Lenten Reflection Day #1

It’s Ash Wednesday.  Let’s begin with the basics.  The Book of Worship declares:   “Lent is a season of forty days, not counting Sundays, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday…”  The 40 days is a reminder of both the 40 days Jesus spent fasting  in the wilderness undergoing temptation, as well as […]