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Child rearing: Courage and Perseverence

A sermon preached on October 21, 2007 based upon Luke 18:1 – 8, on the occasion of the baptism of Isabella Katherine, entitled “Courage and Perseverance.” There are two words that I would like to lift up in relation to child rearing on this morning in which we have baptized Isabella. The first is courage. […]


“The Kingdom of God is Within”

A sermon preached on October 14, 2007 based upon Luke 17:11 – 21, entitled, “The Kingdom of God is Within.” One of the fascinating things about Scripture which I keep rediscovering as a preacher is the way you can read a particular passage and, over time, keep hearing new things in it. For instance, take […]


“In Times of Discouragement”

A sermon preached on October 7th, 2007 based upon 2 Timothy 1:1 – 7 and Luke 17:5 – 6, entitled, “In Times of Discouragement.” A colleague of mine, a Methodist pastor, who I admire, told a story from her life this past week in a sermon she gave at a clergy gathering. She described having […]


Saving the Rich Man’s Soul

A sermon preached on September 30, 2007 based upon Luke 16:19 – 31, entitled “Saving the Rich Man’s Soul.” In 1928, an unusual case came before the courts in Massachusetts. It concerned a man who had been walking on a boat dock when suddenly he tripped over a rope and fell into the deep water […]


Money and Happiness

A sermon preached on September 23, 2007 based upon Luke 16:1 – 13, entitled “Money and Happiness”. We all say, we just want to be happy. The United States may well be the most self-consciously happiness pursuing nation in the world. Thomas Jefferson even wrote it into our declaration of independence that this new country […]



A sermon preached on September 16, 2007 based upon 1Timothy 1:12 – 17 and Luke 15:1 – 10, entitled “Arrogance”. At the start of the Harry Potter series, Harry is an absolute nobody in this world, an orphan, with nothing about him that would appear to distinguish him; an altogether ordinary kid.  His presence is […]


Sermon: Needed to be loved

A sermon preached on September 2, 2007, based upon Hebrew 13:1 – 8, entitled “Needing to Be Loved.” If we were to ask, what is a human being’s greatest need?  It seems to me, the answer would be pretty easy to come up with:  Our greatest need is to be loved.   We have a deep, […]


A Sermon: The Great Cloud of Witnesses

A sermon I preached this morning, based upon Hebrews 11:29 – 12:2, entitled, “The Great Cloud of Witnesses.” I was a big time baseball fan as a kid.  I remember the very first time I got to go to Yankee stadium:  walking up the stairs, through cement hallways, and then suddenly, there I was, my […]