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Harold’s Farm

A sermon preached on May 6, 2007 based upon Acts 11:1 – 18 and John 13:31 – 35. Before I came to Parsippany eighteen years ago, I served for seven years as the pastor of a little country church in the tiny village of Everittstown, New Jersey. In the village a man in his sixties […]


My Easter Sermon

Before I preach my sermon, I want to properly recognize my sources, lest I be accused of plagiarism, or for that matter, making this stuff up. My sermon this morning draws heavily from a book written some time ago by a man named Luke (no last name). It comes under a genre known as “Gospel”, […]


“Delusional Beliefs”

A sermon preached on March 25, 2007 based on Isaiah 43:16 – 21 and John 12:1-8 entitled “Delusional Beliefs”. When I was in seminary, during one of my three years I did my field work in a local mental health center.  Part of this work meant going once a month to spend an evening at […]