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Lenten Reading for March 7

A man wrote the following words after the sudden death of a friend: What I learned– and learned hard– is that you can never really be sure that you’ll ever see someone again. So it’s best not to leave business undone; feelings unspoken. My friend’s passing has taught me that when we say goodbye to […]


Lenten Reading for March 6

We do not make this spiritual journey of life alone; we make it yoked to other human beings. It is not uncommon in this broken world for important relationships in our lives to break down. Where our hearts harden, our souls are poisoned. Henri Nouwen writes about his experience of drawing near to death following […]


Lenten Reading for March 5

It is impossible to avoid the subject of death during the season of Lent.  As Jesus walks to Jerusalem, he is preparing to die. The subject makes his disciples uncomfortable, and they often change the subject when he mentions his approaching death. But the subject is unavoidable. Let us find courage in the example of […]


Lenten Reading for March 4

Today is the Sabbath; the day of rest, a day to live consciously in the presence of God. If we cannot be with our faith community as we gather for worship, let us still be mindful of this gathering; asking God’s blessing upon the congregation. The third commandment is: “Remember the Sabbath, and keep it […]


Lenten Reading for March 2

When Abraham’s trust seemed to falter, God invited him to come out from his tent and gaze up into the night sky. Abraham and Sarah in their old age were without a child, and Abraham was tempted to despair. God said that Abraham’s descendents would be more numerous than the stars. (Genesis 15) Part of what faith involves […]


Lenten Reading for March 1

Faith involves trust, but it also has an active component. It means putting one foot in front of the other. Jesus was determined to go to Jerusalem, and acting out his faith meant putting one foot in front of another to reach his destination despite the warnings that Herod wanted to kill him. (Luke 13:31 […]


Lenten Reading for February 28

In the Gospels, Jesus often challenged his disciples, saying, “O ye of little faith, why did you doubt?” When he said this, it could be absolutely baffling to his disciples. “We’re in a boat at night with high winds and waves, and he expects us to trust?” In the Gospels, Jesus often challenged his disciples, saying, […]