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Bob Keller’s sermon on Prayer

Bob Keller’s sermon based upon Luke 11: 1 – 13, dealing with prayer.  Our scripture lessons this morning dealt with prayer.  What it is and what to expect. So, what is this business of praying?  How many times have you heard, “Let us pray”?  The words ‘pray, prayer, praying, prayed, etc are used almost 600 […]


Comes Back Around, by Bobby Edwards

Comes Back Around a very short story by my son Bobby, aged 11. It was the year of 1932 in the country of England.  December first was right around the corner which meant it was getting cold.  A young man named John Paul was staggering down and alley way, wondering when he was would get his […]


Al Booth’s Father Day Sermon

When I was a child, I thought like a child. When I was a young man I thought like a young man. Now, as an adult — this point is debatable — I try to think like an adult. These concepts are certainly not anything new and I suspect were pretty well established when Paul […]


A Faith Witness by David Kinsley

Jeff’s theme for this lent season has been drifting.  To quote his first e-mail; “There is a need for seasons of renewal, because it is human nature to drift. Without ever making a decisive choice to move away from God or our best ideals and values – invariably over time we do drift away from […]


Earth Day 2007: A talk by Sharon Coughlin

Flowers.  Trees.  Birds.  These are all gifts that God has given to us.  We might take them for granted, because we see them every day.  But, what would you think if these things were missing from our lives? Increasingly, scientists are warning us that great disruptions in the world’s climate have been recorded. Melting of […]


Looking Back, by Trudy Hunt

Time will steal your hopes and dreams if you are not eternally vigilant.  Years go by so quickly while you’re busy planning and doing.  The good times, the fun times stand out from the rest, but it seems there are eons of time lost between each step.  There were bad times and sad times, chances […]


My dog, by Al Booth

(The following was written for one of our church’s writing groups.)  When it became time to begin putting down on paper those thoughts that had been occupying my mind ever since I heard about this writing group, I found myself suddenly stumped. Then I looked down and saw two sad eyes staring back at me. […]


A fishing story, by Al Booth

I like to fish. One of the best things about going fishing is not only do I get to catch a whopper, but I get to tell one too! This story, however, happens to be true. Then again, they all start out that way.Once upon a time I was a Sunday School teacher. I was […]