Closing in on Lent – Finding Rest


Sunday, March 3rd – 13th Email

Today is the day Christians refer to as the “Sabbath” – the day of rest.  In Genesis 1 after God creates human beings on the 6th day “in the image of God” and calling us and all of creation “very good”, on the seventh day God rested.  Later in Exodus 20 the Ten Commandments God gives includes the command to take a day of rest.

When we don’t set aside time to simply be and not to do then something very damaging happens to our soul.  It is only when we cease to be in the mode in which we feel compelled to “fix” what seems wrong that we can truly appreciate the goodness and beauty that God knit into life.  God gazed upon creation and recognized the inherent goodness.  Can we see the goodness or are we so fixated on all that seems wrong that we can’t see it?

The Gospel story that is always read the Sunday before Lent begins is that of Jesus taking time away from the press of the crowd for a kind of Sabbath rest.  He climbs the holy mountain where he spends a night in prayer in close communion with “Abba” – the intimate name with which he addressed God.   His body begins to shine forth the very light of heaven. His soul is restored as he receives anew the power and clarity he will need to descend into the valley and begin his journey to Jerusalem and the cross.

Lent begins this coming Wednesday.  However you decide to keep the season of Lent hopefully it will include times of simple stillness and rest that allows you to see again the goodness beneath the clutter of life.

Consider talking with someone you trust about your intentions for Lent.  This can provide a kind of accountability that can help you stay on your path.