Comes Back Around, by Bobby Edwards


Comes Back Around

a very short story by my son Bobby, aged 11.

It was the year of 1932 in the country of England.  December first was right around the corner which meant it was getting cold.  A young man named John Paul was staggering down and alley way, wondering when he was would get his next meal.  John Paul had been homeless for almost a full seven years, but before that his life had been a paradise that he didn’t want to share. 

John Paul was once a rich, greedy man who owned a company.  He had had exceedingly large amounts of money, but he never gave to the poor or needy.  He often yelled at his workers who were paid very little in the first place. 

Now, no one looked kindly towards John Paul, and he knew why.  Nobody would spare some change at all.  Not for him. 

His heart was being shot with arrows of guilt as he remembered all the people he had seen on the street who had asked him for money.  He had always turned them down.  But now people were turning him down.  He couldn’t fix his past and must live an awful life. 

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