Getting back on the horse


A month has passed since last I wrote something on this blog.  I have my excuses.  I went away for two weeks for vacation (which was really quite good) and then there was a stomach virus and then a cold.  But mostly it was the fact that I got out of the habit.

When I haven’t written something in a while, I am held back by the question, do I have something worth writing at this particular moment?  And since clarity about this is missing, I put it off another day.

So here I am simply putting fingers to the keyboard to get past this block.  I realize that the notion that I have to have something worthwhile to write gets in the way of my actually writing something, and creating the possibility that I might actually write something worthwhile.

I also realize that at this point I’ve probably lost the handful of faithful readers I had checking in on a regular basis, so it may take a while for anybody to actually read this, and by the time they do, maybe I will have gotten past this and be back in the rhythm of this thing.

In the meantime, prayer is a good place to fall back to.

God who created me and all living things, help us to open up to the blessed intentions of your holy spirit. Help us to trust you — that we really are in your hands, and that you have wondrous things in store for us.  Grant us courage, and willingness to persevere through the dead of winter.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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