Job and the Preacher


It hasn’t been a great week for sermon writing. Here I am sitting at the computer before sunup, Moses the cat my only physical companion. I know I am preaching on Job and his experience of grappling with meaning in the midst of great suffering.

Illuminate me, O Lord. Take me in my weariness and give me the clarity needed to preach. Remind me again of those you will gather for worship later this morning, and bless them. There are many Jobs among them.

Thank you, O Lord, for the gift that is my life and all the goodness therein. My life is far from that of Job’s, a fact too easily taken for granted. Grant me your spirit. In the name of Jesus, who first walked the walk, Amen.


  1. John
    08 Oct 2006 08:55:53

    Amen indeed.
    We all take turns being Job, and never know when we might get another turn.
    I am so thankful to be among those going to hear you preach.
    May we all remember there is no greater blessing than to walk the walk.

  2. Gail
    08 Oct 2006 16:42:34

    Sorry I missed what was no doubt a sermon that spoke to many of us “Jobs” in the congregation in just the special way it always does. I do want you to know that I am enjoying reading your blogs, but don’t feel that I can even begin to comment with the depth of thought that your usual responders do! But, I do enjoy reading thoughts from John and Justin! Have a great day!

  3. Pastor Jeff
    08 Oct 2006 19:38:06

    Thanks, Gail. You underestimate yourself.

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