Lent is Coming!


February 19th — 1st Email

Lent is coming; it begins with Ash Wednesday (March 6th) with our service at 7 p.m. Throughout Lent,  I will be sending out daily emails and postings on Facebook that I hope you will consider reading as a part of a daily time of devotion.  During the next two weeks I will be writing about things I invite you to think about in preparing for  Lent on the theme of “Getting Free.”  Once Lent arrives, the readings will focus on the assigned “Lectionary” Scripture readings for each Sunday during the week.  On Sunday I will be preaching on some of the readings. 

For those who are interested, on Mondays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in Lent (beginning  March 11th) I will lead a time of reflections in the Sanctuary on what we’ve been reading in the past week.  If you are interested in attending the Monday meetings you might want to print out the emails and jot down thoughts that occur to you as you read them. 

Feel free to share these emails, as well as the ones that will come during the season of Lent itself with anyone who might find them helpful.