Lenten Reading for February 26


Consider for a moment the process by which a small child grows towards adulthood. Hopefully, overtime, the child comes to trust in the love and support of her parents, even when Mommy or Daddy are out of sight. And consider this: the child will never learn what it means to trust if Mommy or Daddy never leave her sight.

In the spiritual life, we are all children learning what it means to trust the unseen God, our Heavenly Parent, who is always on our side. To what extent do we trust this fact, even when God’s “presence” is not readily evident to us?

This day there will be moments for each of us where we will be tempted to give up our trust in God — to assume we are abandoned. These are the moments when the future seems uncertain, perhaps scary — problems appear overwhelming. Can we view these moments as opportunities to learn what it means to strengthen our capacity for trust?

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