Lenten Reading for February 27


Jesus is our model for trusting God.  During Lent, we remember the long walk Jesus took to Jerusalem, knowing that when he got there he would be rejected and die a painful death. Did keeping faith in God mean that Jesus didn’t suffer from sadness and fear? No, being a human being like us, he experienced these things as well. Did keeping faith in God mean everything would always turn out nicely? Of course not, the cross wasn’t nice.

Jesus’ trust came from a deeper place. He felt fear, but he wasn’t ruled by his fear. He trusted that ultimately God would take that which was painful and full of sadness and transform it into something beautiful and good.

Unfortunately, much of the time we can’t see how in our lives this will be so. We walk by faith, not sight.

Lord, we want to have within us the same faith that was in Jesus. Amen.

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