Lenten Reading for March 5


It is impossible to avoid the subject of death during the season of Lent.  As Jesus walks to Jerusalem, he is preparing to die. The subject makes his disciples uncomfortable, and they often change the subject when he mentions his approaching death. But the subject is unavoidable.

Let us find courage in the example of Jesus, and let us look squarely at our own deaths, which, strangely, forces us to look squarely at our lives. If I were to die today, how would I feel about the life I have lived? We tend to be preoccupied with the notion of living a long life, when perhaps we should be more concerned with living a quality life. It would be a terrible sadness.– ti draw near to our death and feel as though we have never truly lived life fully, present to the moments, our love unobstructed. Maybe we do feel like there have been moments in our lives where we lived abundantly, but what would it mean for us to live that way as a lifestyle, not merely on occasion?

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