Lenten Reading for March 7


A man wrote the following words after the sudden death of a friend:

What I learned– and learned hard– is that you can never really be sure that you’ll ever see someone again. So it’s best not to leave business undone; feelings unspoken. My friend’s passing has taught me that when we say goodbye to someone, it may well be the last time we see that person. It probably won’t be; but it could be.Anyone who walks out a door just might be walking out of your life. Forever. So pay a compliment. Say something nice you’ve been meaning to say to someone. Tell them that you think they’re a good, talented person; that you value their friendship; that you admire their ability; that they make you happy. It’s a notion that you’ll never regret. (Mike McGrath, “In Memoriam”)

In the end, so much of life consists of the little things, the little acts of kindness we show to the persons who touch our lives. Considering this, how might we want to live differently?

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