Lenten Reading for March 9


Perhaps as we look at our lives, a regret comes upon us as we realize our lives haven’t borne the kind of fruit that perhaps they could have. Perhaps there is a part of ourselves that feels as though the owner of the fig tree would be justified to go ahead and cut the tree down.

The Scriptures speak of God’s great mercy. More time is given to us; who knows what fruits we may bear in our lives in the time left to us? Do not despair.

It may be an oversimplification to state it this way, but as we age, there is a tendency for human beings to move in either one of two directions: to become increasingly hardened, rigid, cold-hearted. Or to grow more open, merciful, kind, warmhearted.

In which direction will we move? Lent is a time to decisively make a choice to move in the direction of becoming more Christ-like.

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