Lenten Reflection Day #18


We are just about midway through Lent. Perhaps we started off Lent with some good intentions about steps we wanted to take to be more intentional in our spiritual lives, and maybe at this point we are feeling discouraged because we failed to carry out our good intentions.

If this has happened to you as it has happened to me, take heart in the fact that you have yet another confirmation (if you needed one) that you are, indeed, a fallible human being. The Gospels record repeated instances of the disciples stumbling off the path in their attempts to follow Jesus. Fortunately, Jesus never gave up on them. He won’t give up on us either.

Here is the thing to remember about stumblings: Don’t allow your stumbling to turn into an avalanche. Don’t indulge that part of yourself that wants to take advantage of the spill you’ve taken to award yourself with the title of “biggest loser” or “worst sinner” of all time.

Simply acknowledge your stumbling, take advantage of yet another opportunity to surrender your arrogance, and move on.

Simply try again.

Try again.

Lord Jesus, long ago the disciple Peter failed to carry out his pledge to stand with you in the darkness, and was tempted by despair. When we likewise fall, remind us that your hand is perpetually offered to us to help get back up again. Save us from the pride that would revel in the mud and refuse the gracious offer of your out-stretched hand. Amen.

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