Lenten Reflection Day #24


The past few days have been particularly dreary and distressing, weather wise: gray skies, rain and flooding, dangerous winds. It was impossible not to have our moods effected. Today, however, the sun is shining, and Spring is stunningly present.

If you are like me, you’ve been moaning about the weather. Having complained so, there almost seems as though there is a moral obligation to celebrate the beauty of this day. (In the book, “The Color Purple,” one of the characters declares her conviction that it “pisses God off” when we walk by a field of purple and don’t pause to enjoy it. Interesting idea!)

Polarity is knit through creation. There is light and darkness, love and hate, joy and sorrow, sunshine and clouds. Like it or not, we can’t experience the positive ends of the polarities without having been exposed to the negative ends as well.

It is possible, however, to become so preoccupied with the negative poles that we never get around to truly savoring the positive poles. And that is a truly unfortunate thing.

Lent involves a journey into the darkness. We go with Jesus to the cross. There is a great light — a light that is ultimately greater than the darkness — waiting on the far side. There is the resurrection beyond the crucifixion. But unless we have traveled through the darkness, we won’t appreciate how exquisitely beautiful the light is.

The weather people are notoriously unreliable, but they are telling us that the next couple of days are supposed to be unusually beautiful. Make a point of savoring them, realizing that the despair-inducing weather we have traveled through had a hand at making these days so precious.

Open our hearts and minds, O God, that we may embrace life in its fullness. Give us courage to walk with Jesus to the cross. And having faced the darkness, allow us to bask in the eternal radiance of the empty tomb. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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