Looking Back, by Trudy Hunt


Time will steal your hopes and dreams if you are not eternally vigilant.  Years go by so quickly while you’re busy planning and doing.  The good times, the fun times stand out from the rest, but it seems there are eons of time lost between each step. 

There were bad times and sad times, chances to grow not taken for fear of making mistakes and dreams unfulfilled for lack of courage.  What happened to those unfinished dreams I once had?  Were they too demanding or did the “busy-ness” of life steal away the time, energy and boldness needed to achieve success in ambitious endeavors?

I find myself longing for those days full of hope, when eagerness and spirit held me true to my dreams.  What became of the slow dream days of my youth, full of energy and passion and sky-high ambition?  Time seemed to move so slowly and yet it vanished so quickly, like the sunset’s last glow. 

If I could recapture that time, with a little more wisdom, I might find fulfillment in a lifetime well spent and my dreams would have merit.  And my heart would be content.  My soul would rest easy among all the flaws and I could accept the journey as joyful after all. 

Perhaps it’s not too late to try again.  With hindsight to guide me and experience to give me courage for the long haul, I might achieve my dream! 



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