Looking back


It has finally gotten really cold outside.  This is good in terms of the concern some of us had that global warming had taken away the winter cold for good.  Nonetheless, the body has a hard time adjusting to the cold after so much mild weather, and for me at least the warmth is missed.

Trudy wrote a lovely, poignant piece for our writing group about looking back on her life; along with the gratitude, there is the  inevitable sense of regret regarding opportunities missed. (I hope to post her short essay at some point.) Life goes by so quickly.  I often think about what will my life look like to me when I am older, and finished with my most active years.

Today is my eldest son’s 20th birthday. A large portion of the energy of my life over the past two decades has been devoted to the work of parenting. As Trudy noted in her essay, this work often brings with it a level of exhaustion that keeps one from being present to the moment.  It is hard not to want to be done with it all.

My youngest son is now in middle school and there are changes that have taken place in him as he moves from the innocence of the elementary school years to the more jaded world view of a middle schooler. I will never again be raising a little guy, for which there is both gratitude and regret.

One of my favorite parts of church is the presence of the little ones.  Lord, they are adorable.  Generally speaking, their parents look exhausted.

Slow us down, Lord.


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