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Through our giving we support United Methodist ministries throughout the world that help hurting people: feeding the hungry, wiping out malaria, advocating for justice, responding to disasters and offering the hope of Jesus to those who are tempted to despair. In addition, we are involved in several local ministries.

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Homeless Solutions

On the second Thursday of every other month our Church prepares and serves a hot meal for the people living temporarily at Homeless Solutions.

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Christmas Gifts for Children

At Christmas we provide gifts for local families living in poverty, and shoe boxes of small toys for children overseas through Samaritan’s Purse.

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Parsippany Food Pantry

We have an ongoing food collection of non-perishable food items that we take to the local food panty for persons in need. Emergency Food Pantry in Parsippany in these difficult economic times.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

We host meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 12:15 pm in our Fellowship Hall.

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CUMAC – Feeding People – Changing Lives

The United Methodist Women gather school supplies for the children of Paterson through CUMAC. See http://www.cumac.org for more information.

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Mental Health Association of Morris County

We support the Mental Health Association of Morris County, providing gifts to meet specific needs of people served through the agency. http://www.mhamorris.org/ for more information.

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Interfaith Furnishings

Once every three months our church provides volunteers to assist Interfaith Furnishings in transporting donated furniture to people living in Morris County who would not be able to otherwise furnish their homes.

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Worship Service at Troy Hills Center

On the third Thursday of every month Pastor Jeff leads a worship service at Troy Hills Center at 10:30 a.m. If you would like to share in this ministry to the people living in a nursing home, please join us. Speak to Pastor Jeff if you would like more information.

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Family Promise of Morris County

Twice a year as a part of a network of churches First Baptist Church of Parsippany hosts homeless families for two weeks.  We provide a meal and support staff.

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