My Christmas Letter


It’s been a relatively quiet year at the actual home front. The off spring, however are spreading their wings, moving beyond the nest, doing wondrous things, having adventures. Kate spent four months studying wildlife and culture in Tanzania. She’ll never be the same again. Andrew exercises his remarkable creativity studying film and animation at the College of Santa Fe. Bobby is an accomplished soccer goalkeeper, training year round. He’s kind to little children and charming to the elderly, and a nearly constant challenge to his parents’ patience. In this distressing, troubling world we live in, we are hopeful that our children may be able to contribute some good. Sarah continues to work as a speech pathologist with severely retarded persons, and I continue, happily, to serve as pastor, approaching 19 years here. Some days we feel irritable and discouraged; others we feel wondrously blessed and conscious of enormous love in our lives.

May you be aware of the love present in your life.

Among other things, the Christmas story says that life is full of surprises, and in the midst of life’s great uncertainties, there is extraordinary grace. An unwed, teenage girl discovers she’s pregnant and the predictable, safe life she has been imagining for herself is snatched away. Nonetheless, she says, “Let it be according to thy word; I am the handmaiden of the Lord.” Wondrous things come to pass because of her willingness to say, “Let it be.” By no means easy, but full of blessings.

The baby is born in extreme poverty. There is no darkness too deep that the Light of God cannot penetrate. Whatever uncertainties, obstacles, or challenges to your endurance that you are dealing with this year, I pray you can patiently wait for the light that the darkness cannot overcome. In the end, all the surprises are wonderful.

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