My intentions for Lent


Intentions are strengthened when you share them with others. Having promoted the idea of coming up with intentions/spiritual practices for the season of Lent, I hereby make my intentions public.

1) To be in a time of prayer first thing in the morning.

2) To become more mindful in my eating.  I am a notoriously fast eater.  I want to slow down my eating during the season of Lent and make it a time of prayer.

A) In connection with this intention, I want to remember and pray for the hungry of the world. I want to set aside money (especially the money I would spend on mindless eating) and give it to Heifer International.

3) I want to give up my mindless internet surfing, which usually consists on checking out sports scores and the like.  I will only use the Internet when I have a purpose. I will find other ways to relax and unwind.  (Perhaps banjo playing, which I haven’t done in the longest time.)

4) I will go for more walks for the sake of mind, body and soul.

5) I will drink more water in hopes of flushing out toxins.

There. Having put this things out there on my blog, I put more pressure on my will to keep them.  I realize that it is a fairly ambitious list.  I am, however, aware that I am entering this Lent with a greater motivation to truly engage the season than I can recall having within me before.

By an interesting coincidence, it was exactly two years ago today that I began my Spiritual Quest when I was on my Sabbatical, in which I spent four days and nights in the wilderness alone, fasting.  I am re-reading my journal to remember that precious time.

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