“I declare peace with my neighbor…”

I recently received an email that was being distributed far and wide that promoted writing “In God we Trust” on the back of our mail as a counter-action to a reported court order requiring “In God we trust” posters be removed from Post Offices. The email concluded by saying that the 86% of us Americans […]


Eternal torture chambers

I went to the famous preacher’s website, where you can find a section  proclaiming what he believes.  The words written there were all very unambiguous; no confusion, it seemed, regarding what the man believed is truth.  Under the category of “hell” were these words:  “After living one life on earth, the unbelievers will be judged […]


Back again

Well I’m back.  Apologies to those who logged onto this site for the past week looking for something new, finding nothing My absence had to do with a couple of things. First, I had computer problems.  The old computer that I mentioned a few weeks ago was screeching like a cat finally gave up the […]


Until he finds it

I can go months without doing a funeral, but I’ve done two funerals now in two days. Yesterday’s was for Marge who I had known for almost 18 years. Today’s was for a woman I had never met; the funeral director called me up and said the family was looking for a Methodist minister. A […]


Irreplaceable persons

Various streams of thought in my life at the moment: Marge’s funeral later this morning at the church.  Once again, moved by the story of her life that I’ve been hearing — so much I didn’t know.  There is such nobility hidden away in ordinary lives. Monday I served a day of jury duty.  Called […]



Everybody loves a good story, and inside every human being there is a good story — the story of their lives. More often than not the story does not get told and therefore is never heard. And this is a shame. Although I wouldn’t go so far as to say our stories ARE our souls, […]


At Marge’s Bedside

Crammed into an ICU room A dozen persons brought together by shared affection Keep watch — A husband, two daughters, a son and assorted friends — All dressed in matching light blue robes of sanitized hospital gowns, Surrounding the beloved, As she — Robed in well-bleached sheets, Takes her final breaths — The scene strangely […]

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