Saturdays for a preacher


Saturdays feel different to me than other people.  For most people it is the day after the work week, to do with what you will, whether that be household chores you haven’t gotten to all week or leisure activities.  For me, Saturday is the day I must make major progress in the process of preparing myself to preach on Sunday.Over the years I’ve gotten a lot better at keeping myself from feeling paralyzed by the fact of the sermon that is not yet fully in focus.  Nonetheless, for me, Sunday continues to hover over Saturday.

I have found that the best time for focused, reflective thought — the kind required for making progress on the sermon — is in the morning.  Later in the day it is always harder to enter into that same space.  The afternoon is good time for things like cleaning the house.

If Saturday morning goes well — if I feel confident I have something to say on Sunday morning — I feel less distracted the rest of the day.

I hope that’s how it is today.

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  1. John
    23 Sep 2006 19:03:58

    I have wondered how the process you describe might work.
    I’ve been aware that the Sunday readings at least seem to become a gold mine each week, and you strike the vein in remarkable ways.
    So I tell myself to read scripture, and I put a small bible in my coat pocket along with my dollar store reading glasses. But lately the bible in my coat has gone unread.
    I’m learning I can’t keep waiting for time to appear. It just doesn’t happen.
    It is 7PM on this Saturday and I have not taken a moment for myself yet.
    I have a long list of things I’ve done today to fix up about everything in the house except myself.
    Maybe tomorrow.

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