Seize the Day


These last couple of days — the first days of summer — have been exquisitely beautiful. A rainstorm washed away the humidity. There are lovely breezes inspiring the leaves on the trees to dance. There is much green and blue. These are days that demand we get outside and just take it all in. I am reminded of the line from The Color Purple, in which the character says it pisses God off when we pass a field of purple flowers and don’t stop to revel in it.

Strangely, these days of beauty and contentment remind me of the transience of life in this world. These days are rarities. There is the cold of winter and the oppressive heat that soon enough will be upon us — the dog days of summer. Intermixed throughout there are the countless days of gray where blue is no where to be seen and the green is distinctly uninspiring. Tomorrow the exquisite beauty may well be gone, so NOW is the time to savor it.

The rarity of such days enhances its beauty. If days like this were common (Southern California?) would they mean as much? Once again, the eternal rule of contrast: Beauty has its meaning over against ugly, love is defined in contrast to hate, life with death, etc., etc., etc.

So why am I sitting here staring at my computer screen?

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