My Little Confirmation Sunday Sermon

I was thinking I might use this time to cover everything I didn’t cover in the past three months, so you guys don’t mind if I go on for a couple of hours, do you?

Just kidding.  What I would like to do is simply express the core of what I’ve been trying to communicate to you, and it’s this:  You have a soul.  Your soul is connected to your minds and your body, but they are not the same thing.

In this world our bodies and minds get a great deal of attention:  we worry about the health of our bodies and whether our bodies are considered attractive enough.

We worry about our minds:  whether we are smart enough and clever enough and talented enough.

You really have no choice but to give your body and mind a great deal of attention but invariably you end up comparing them to those of others and in doing so the tendency is to swing between feelings of superiority to profound feelings of inadequacy and self-rejection.

This happens because we neglect the attention our souls deserve, and this is unfortunate because in the end your soul is who you really are – – it’s the most important part about you.

Your soul is that part of you with a profound capacity to give and receive love, and ultimately love is what matters most in life.  The soul is that part of you out of which your deepest giftedness and passions arise.  When you are living out of your soul you are most truly alive.

The soul is where beneath everything you are connected to God and to all other human beings.  It is the place from which faith arises.

Unlike bodies and minds, souls aren’t in competition – they are about connection.

Jesus talked about the possibility in this life of “losing our souls” – of getting so caught up in the competitions that arise over mind and body regarding where we stand on the status ladder — that we end up tuning out our souls.

So our time together has been about helping you to tune into Jesus, which means tuning into your soul.  Jesus isn’t much concerned with whether you win the competitions of this world.  But he is concerned with helping you to live soulfully.

I want you to know that this great mystery we call God chose for you to be alive – that your soul gives you a sacred worth that the world can never take away.  This God adores you, and wants to help you find your way through life staying connected to what really matters.   This God wants to lead you to that place where your deepest passion and giftedness can be put to use to serve God.

And I want you to know that everybody you come into contact with also has a soul, buried though it may be at times, and therefore is worthy of your love and respect.

This world needs you!  God wants to use you, that in following in the way of Jesus you will be a partner with God in healing this broken world.