Sunday, March 31 — The Freedom to Lay Down Your Burdens


Sunday, March 31 — The Freedom to Lay Down Your Burdens

The story is told of two monks who were taking a trip together.  They were a part of an order of monks that required them to have no contact with women. At the beginning of the day they came to a small river that had to be forded. There was a lovely young woman who was stuck.  One of the monks offered to carry her across on his back, which he did, much to the dismay of the other monk.  They traveled on, all day, without saying a word.  When finally they reached their destination, the second monk couldn’t restrain himself anymore, and he said, “How could you have done what you did?”

“What did I do?”

 “Not only did you speak to that woman, but you touched her, and you know our monastic vows preclude any contact with women.”

“I put her down early this morning, but you, my brother have been carrying her all day long.”

This little story speaks of burdens we carry around with us because we simply can’t release the past and embrace the present moment.

Jesus said, “Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”   What have you been carrying around with you that you would do well to put down?