Sunday morning prayer


Sunday morning.
It is raining outside; still dark.
I am still waking up, coffee in hand to assist.
I know what I want to talk about this morning; just not quite sure how to say it.
Need to focus.
Remember to pray.
God who created me,
God who awoke me this morning and would have me preach,
God who will bring people today to hear me preach,
Be present. Please.
The rain outside becomes louder; it is lovely.
A shift inside me; subtle, but clear nonetheless.
The coffee taking effect?
The prayer being answered?
It is good to be here, either way.
Pray now for those who will go to the trouble to show up this morning.
Bless them, Lord. Lighten their load. Give them rest for their souls.
Let us all feel the connection.

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  1. John
    01 Oct 2006 08:48:03

    Each morning I look in the mirror to see just how far westward I have drifted on the evolutionary chart.
    Showers are the miracle for me. Even after coffee I don’t feel fully human going in to the shower, but I usually feel pretty darn great getting out.
    Last Sunday I was a visiter to PUMC, this Sunday I’m a member. It probably won’t feel any different, just wonderful as always.
    I better get in the shower, it’s not Halloween yet.

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