The Eulogy for Paul Narey


The Eulogy for Paul Narey

Paul Narey was born on March 7th, 1926 in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania.   He was the first child born to his parents; a sister would be born afterwards who would precede him in death.   The family moved to Penns Grove, New Jersey where Paul attended Grammar School and High School.   After graduation, Paul went off to Pennsylvania Military College, but with World War II raging, he left school after just six months to join the Marines.  He was sent to serve in the Pacific, first in Okinawa, and then later to be a part of the China Marines Brigade, guarding Japanese prisoners of war.

He returned home following the end of the war in 1946 and resumed his studies, graduating in 1949 from Pennsylvania Military College with a degree in civil engineering.  He took a job in Delaware working with an engineering firm on the Delaware Memorial Bridge.  In 1950 he married Gloria, his first wife, and not long afterwards, Rick, their only child was born.

The family moved to Massachusetts when Paul was transferred there by the firm he worked for to work for several years on various road projects.   During this time Paul became a Boston Red Sox fan.  In 1966 the family moved one last time – to Parsippany, New Jersey to their home on Hidden Glen road.   Paul worked for another 22 years before retiring in 1988.

Unfortunately, Gloria was diagnosed with lung cancer, and Paul cared for her until her death in 1997.

Two years later Paul happened to go on a bus trip to the Rockefeller Estate, sponsored by the Friends of the Library – one of the many groups Paul volunteered his time with.   The single people on board were assigned someone to sit with, and that is how Paul was blessed to get to know Betty.   Betty had moved to Parsippany four years earlier, and had never been married.   Something clicked between them sitting together on that trip – perhaps they both recognized their match in terms of stubbornness.  Six weeks later the innately quiet and private Paul got up the nerve to call Betty up for a date, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Paul and Betty were married on September 23rd, 2000 in a wedding held at St. Christopher’s, followed with a reception at The Birchwood.


Betty was a Yankees fan, so when the Yankees and Red Sox played each other on television, the home of Paul and Betty was a house divided.


Together they were active in the Seniors Clubs of both St. Ann’s and St. Christopher’s.


Though Betty is a devout Roman Catholic, she was the one who encouraged Paul to start attending the Parsippany United Methodist Church.  Together they would volunteer at our Garage Sales.


Throughout his life Paul collected post cards, each with a different story to tell from a distant time and place.  He also collected coins, and enjoyed reading books about World War II, the event in history that most shaped his life.


A marine till the day he died, Paul was active with the VFW, the American Legion, and the Marine Corp League.   He served on the committee that planned the Veteran’s Memorial at Veteran’s Park.


Paul was the sort of person who was always willing to help if he could.  For twenty years Paul went to the Morris View Nursing Home once a week to play cards with the lonely, disabled residents there.  If you’ve been there, you know what an amazing thing it is Paul did.


He was caring and considerate, and never had an unkind word about anyone.  And he never held a grudge.


In recent years Paul suffered as his eyesight declined, making it harder and harder for him to get out and about and do the things he enjoyed.  A couple of years ago he began to show signs of the dementia that would become so difficult for Paul at the end of his life.  Throughout this time, Paul was greatly blessed to have Betty at his side to look out for him.


Two days ago his suffering in this world came to an end, when Paul passed from this world to go and be with God.