Wesley continued: the spiritual life is messy


There is a need on our part to bring order to what often feels like chaos in our internal life.  We like to identify, for instance, a decisive, change of heart for John Wesley that permanently altered the feel of his life when he experienced his heart as “strangely warmed” at Aldersgate Street in 1738. I did the same myself in my post.) But “the spiritual life” isn’t quite as neat and tidy as that. Wesley was focused on the idea of such an experience for months before he reached that day so the experience did not come upon him out of the blue, so to speak. And afterwards, he rarely referred again to his experience of that day. In the months and years to come, he would, at times, return again to the dark times of spiritual depression.

Perhaps the greatest stabilizing force to his life was that he soon resolved the issue of vocation, focusing his life energy on his leadership of the great Methodist revival.  Knowing clearly what you are to be doing in this world is no small thing.