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At the outset, I don’t know that this post will have a “theme.”  This morning is an unusual Sunday in so far as I won’t be preaching later.  My friend David is preaching, pre-arranged so as to give me a break from the process so I could focus on getting other stuff done; specifically, church conference reports.  Yesterday was a full day of being a part of the church bazaar, rooting for my son and his team (they won!), spending some quality time with three year old T.J. from church, and being present to my wife and son for a family outing in the evening, all good stuff. Absent was the usual mixture of anxiety and percolation that goes with getting ready to preach.

This morning I sit in my study quietly, without the familiar rising adrenalin rush, sipping my coffee. The room is a pleasant place to be; I look around at the many pictures I’ve posted on the walls of loved ones and happy memories — usually I don’t take time to ponder them — and I feel at home.  I feel connected to these people whose images appear on my walls.  Through the window I see that it is a clear, sunny day. I wait for a “theme” to appear for the morning blog, and all that comes is to describe “what is”, which is what I am trying to do here.

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